How to Install an Air Conditioner Compressor

In this article, you will learn how to install an air conditioner compressor. There is so much have to do to install an AC compressor.

There is to be a lot of work done by the system like flushing and evacuating the AC system, an expansion device, AC compressor pressure switch.

Here are several steps to installing an air conditioner compressor.

How to Install an Air Conditioner Compressor

1. Flushing and Evacuating

AC compressors are to fail due to main reasons contamination and oil starvation.

Contamination: It is basically done when debris enters the AC mechanism. It will damage the whole entire system of AC.

2. Oil Starvation

In this case, you strongly recommend considering an AC compressor replacement.

Before starting an AC compressor installation, you must be noted that system is properly flushed and vacuumed. After the re-flashing, the system, system is still contaminated.

It is recommended to replace the condenser and possibly other parts such as hoses and evaporator. Do not bother flushing a third time since many types of equipment have to parallel flow of condensers.

It simply cannot be clean and must be replaced at this point.

3. Freon or Refrigerant

There are a lot of freon refrigerant alternatives to be there. The bottom line is that which has been tested to work with seals and gaskets inside our compressors.

We can not warranty any parts without using these products. You must be fully ensured by using a refrigerant when it is sealed. You must be careful to not to use any fraud products available in the market.

4. Drier or Filter

Drier is the component that filters the debris and any other harmful particulates in the air conditioning system. Some equipment have an accumulator and a receiver drier but both do the same thing.

Every new drier must require a lot of time when you changing the compressor. Inside a drier that require a lot of dirt pollutants and debris of system.

Remember that, moisture in the system alters the viscosity of the oil and eventually harm the whole air conditioning system. Same as in air conditioning system, you won’t change your engine oil without changing the oil filter.

Drier cleaning of system ensure to be a long-lasting performance.

AC compressor switch is such an important job to make sure to be an entire AC system doesn’t to freeze up. If the AC pressure suddenly drops below to be certain psi level.

It automatically shuts off the power immediately to prevent the freeze. If your air conditioning system is to be frequent freezing or too cold, the AC compressor switch needs to be replaced.

If you successfully replace the AC switch, you need to follow some basic steps:

-You must drain all the refrigerant in the AC compressor

-Remove the old AC compressor switch and replace with a new component. You need to remove the existing rubber gasket during the process.

-Remove the all condensation from the compressor with an require air conditioning gauge set.

-Add the new refrigerant in this. You must ensure that fluid must be unused and meets or exceeds to AC compressor specifications.

-Turn off the engines for a while before starting your car up. When the engine runs for up to 10 minutes, turn on the AC up to maximum power. Ensure that AC compressor switches the work then you should be able to hear the switch and engage up to be a few minutes.

Well, this was the end of the article about how to install an air conditioner compressor. Dynamic AC is to provide the best AC installation service. We provide full service and offer complete work of air conditioners to meet every customer needs.

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