AC Repair Service in Gurgaon




In this prickly hot weather when you want to relax then the first word that comes to mind is “Air Conditioner”. We all rely on the air conditioner to keep ourselves comfortable and relax. But when one comes to know that it has broken down and need repairing then Air conditioning service comes in picture. Sitting in such damp and sizzling weather until it is repaired is really unbearable.

Reasons why ACs Require Repairing and Maintenance:

Let us look at some of the problems due to which Air conditioner might stop working and require Air conditioning Service/repair.

  1. A dirty filter or evaporator.
  2. Thermostat or sensor not working properly.
  3. Its compressor or motor has failed.
  4. Leakage of Refrigerant.
  5. Electric control failure.
  6. Issues in drainage.
  7. Improper or Inadequate maintenance.
  8. Inbuilt fans not working properly.
  9. Unusual noises in an Air conditioner.

Why go for Air Conditioning Service?

If you want to enjoy winters in summers that timely and proper service is mandatory. It is but obvious that it can slip away and you may forget to get your conditioner to get service however it’s never too late once you remember. It will help in:

  • Longer Life than expected.
  • Indoor air quality improves.
  • Lower cooling cost.
  •  Energy Saver.
  • Consistent Indoor temperature.
  • Energy-efficient cooling.

Everybody get a warranty and free service facility on the purchase of new air conditioner and once the free service is finished we usually think of cleaning on own.

Mind it that a simple cleaning may turn on and your air conditioner will start working but you still need a professional you can look after it. The way you get your car service the same way Air conditioner Service is also required. Always open to professional and expert opinion regarding repair or replacement of the air conditioner.

Air conditioner Service/repair for both window and the split category is different to each other. Regular maintenance, service, and cleaning of the air conditioner will not only save your money but will also extend the life of air conditioner.

Now let’s have a glance at some of the steps of cleaning the air conditioner

1) Turn off your Air conditioner – It’s a basic rule that air conditioner should be completely turned off before its cleaning gets started.

2) Removal of wastage/debris – Remove the fan cage and using vacuums or hands clean the leaves and other debris inside the air conditioner.

3) Clean the fan – Fan and condenser will be covered with dust, so clean it with a brush or clean cloth thoroughly.

4) Oiling the fan/motor – Lubricating the fan motor with recognized oil is also important.

5) Clean the Fins – By spraying or usage of garden hose, the fins can be cleaned. If they are bent, straighten them. Clean the fins as well using brush or comb.

6) Clean the remaining area – After you have cleaned the fan and motor clean the area around the unit as the moisture can build up inside and it may lead to erosion as well.

7) Clean the evaporator coil – Cleaning of evaporator coil using a soft brush, hot water and spray will drain the dust-out.

8) Switch on the Air conditioner – Once all the cleaning is done, fit the parts in their respective place and on the power.

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