AC Service In South Delhi

AC Service In South Delhi

Air conditioning our rooms always add comfort to our life especially the night times. It soothes the surroundings and eases the minutes we live in.

With the rising temperature of the atmosphere, the demand for air conditioners is at its peak.

Setting up an air conditioner does not always mean that you can relax.

The maintenance is also as important as planting. If your air conditioner has started its working from some time ago, then it may be the time to have a check-up.

Don’t shrug off, because prevention is always worth it. If you are looking for ac repair services nearby South Delhi, we have our technician is ready for you!

Common Problems with The Air Conditioners

There are a few problems with the air conditioners which can identify easily and can be solved quickly.

1. Improper Cooling

This happens because the passage of the air flow must be blocked and balancing of the system is required. Uneven cooling is also caused when the ducts are leaky. To overcome the problem, first make sure your room is airtight and the registers are not blocked. Contact the technician, if the problem still exists.

2. No Cooling

This can be due to several reasons like leaky refrigerants, faulty parts, blockage in the path of airflow. Cleaning the condenser coils, cleaning the evaporator, removing the debris with the help of technician helps you out.

3. AC Toggles Between On and Off

This may be due to the debris and dirt that blocks the airflow. The technician will solve the problem by removing the dirt around the condenser, replacing the air filter, cleaning the condenser coils with high-quality cleaner.

4. AC Blows Out Warm Air

When this happens, you may hear a knocking noise if it’s due to the fault of the compressor, or if the noise is hissing, then there is a chance of a refrigerant leak. Whatever it is, contact your technician, as this can increase your electricity bills.

5. AC Does Not Turn On

Tripped breakers, faulty contactors, worn out parts are a few reasons for this problem. It can be also because of a worn out motor or a user error. Your technician can take necessary steps to rule out the problem.

6. Frost Conditions Inside the AC Unit

There is a chance that your AC becomes too cold and freezes inside if it remains on for some time. Again, leaky refrigerants and faulty contactors can lead to this problem. This can be diagnosed with the help of a licensed technician.

7. Frozen Coil

Leaky refrigerant can make the condenser coils freeze. Your technician can help you out.

Advantages Of AC Service

The above said are a few problems that pop up while using an air conditioner. So be brave to take the precautions so that you won’t suffer. Apart from wiping away these kinds of problems, there are another set of advantages in service your air conditioner such as,

  • Increases efficiency.
  • Extended life.
  • Constant cooling.
  • Saves money.
  • Reduces repairs.

So just before another summer begins, let your air conditioner stays in its right condition. Contact Us for AC Service In South Delhi.