AC Service in East Delhi

AC Service in East Delhi


If you are thinking about getting your air conditioner serviced, then it is definitely a good idea. Don’t stay still until the AC catches upon major problems. Avoid the problems blooming out by getting serviced at regular intervals. This will help you to tackle most of the problems like uneven cooling, refrigerant leak, noise etc.

AC Service – How and When?

It is quite natural to wonder about getting your air conditioner serviced. Let’s have a look at the important services,

1.Cleaning air filter and fin – it is the air filter that collects the dust while working. Therefore, when the debris and dirt that has accumulated must be removed at regular intervals. The condenser fins must also be washed and cleaned. Cleaning the air filter and fins may save your air conditioner from problems such as ice formation inside the AC and improper working.

2.Leakage check and drain cleaning – this service aims to check the pooling and dripping of water inside the AC unit. The technician checks remove the dirt and clean the drain to prevent the leak.

3. Evaporator fan and condenser cleaning – during the service, the technician cleans the condenser and evaporator fan blades to get rid of molds and dust.

4. Checking coolant level in the air conditioner – the level of the coolant in the evaporator coil has a lot to do with the working of the air conditioner. If the coolant level is below the required amount, your AC stops cooling. It would be a good idea to check the coolant level. Your technician will check it and takes necessary action.

5. Complete inspection of the AC unit – the key parts of the air conditioner like compressor, evaporator unit, thermostat, condenser unit, fan motor etc. inspected by the technician to ensure the proper working of each unit.

The above services by the AC technicians help you to maintain your AC unit in a better condition.

Best Time to Get the Air Conditioner Serviced

Usually, the air conditioners are used when the atmospheric temperature goes above thirty degrees Celsius during the day and drops below ten degree Celsius during the night. These are the times in which you can find a great demand for AC technicians. So, it will be better to get the AC serviced before it, to escape from the long wait for a technician. The best time would be,

  •  Autumn or Spring seasons.
  • If you haven’t cleaned the evaporator unit for the past six months.
  • If you haven’t serviced the refrigerator unit for the past twelve months or longer.

Keep a record of getting your air conditioner serviced so that you never forget the service time. Getting your air conditioner serviced in the correct timings, not only saves your money but also makes you relax. For more information contact us.