What Happens When You Forget To Change AC Filters


In this article, you will learn about what happens when you forget to change AC filters. Changing your air filters regularly at regular interval is one of the important parts of your air conditioning maintenance. It not only helps to improve the performance of your air conditioning system but also helps to extend the life of your equipment.


Problems when you forget to change AC Filters


1. Degrade The Air Quality


The function of an air filter is to capture all the dirt and debris in the air and flows in and out of the system. The higher the MERV ratings then better your air filter frequency to trapping particulates in the air. A good air filter will keep things like pollen, mold, dust smoke from going down the ventilation system and polluting the quality of interior air.


2. Your House Gets Dusty


A dirty filter leads to various problems that are an accumulation of dust. Well, quality air means that you don’t have any dust in the house. Less dust means less amount of dust particles and you are not getting dirty air that re-circulated through the house over and over. Keeping your clean filter means to breathe in clean air.

3. System Becomes Inefficient


As the air filters get dirtier, it means they are getting clogging. It means your AC facing a lot of difficulties. Dirt and debris result in your system to work harder and putting extra effort to produce the same results. It causes to shorten the life of AC, putting stress on your equipment and leading to expensive AC repairs. It also


4. Your Equipment May Eventually Fail


When your air filters start clogging, they lead to cause many serious problems. Insufficient air flow leading to run equipment continuously but doesn’t provide much comfort levels. In fact, dirty air filters can also cause system failure. As a result, your fan motor becomes so dirty and lead to breaking down your system. During cold weather, lack of airflow causes the condenser coils to form ice. It also freezes up the entire air conditioner.


Well, this was the end of the article of what happens when you forget to change air filters. In the end, we can say that change your air filters at regular intervals. For this, you can also hire an HVAC company professional to take care of your equipment with a proper maintenance contract. For this, dynamic AC provides the proper maintenance plan for your AC equipment at much affordable way. This will also keep your energy costs low and extend the life of your AC system.

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