Why My Air Conditioning Leaking Water

In this article, you will learn about why my air conditioning leaking water.

The most serious problem with your air conditioning unit is when your air conditioning leak water. HVAC leakage is one of your common problems.

Due to this, mostly air conditioning system would be damaged.

This is important because water greatly damages the electrical parts of a house. After shutting down, you need to contact the professional technician to solve your problem.

Here Are Certain Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Leaking Water.

Air Leakage

If the AC unit is not properly sealed then warm air from outside burst inside the AC unit.

The moisture present in the warm air gets condensed by the cool air inside the unit.

This cause excess moisture to build up inside the air conditioner and leak from the air conditioning unit.

Lower the Outside Temperature


During the rainy season or in the winter season when the outside temperature low, less water evaporates than it normally does.

This results in excess water building up inside the AC unit which leaks from your air conditioning unit.

Block Water Drainage

Sometimes the drain holes at the rear end of air conditioning unit get block due to dirt and dust.

This blockage prevents the moisture that is draining from the rear end.

It resulting an excess amount of water leakage. Regular cleaning your air conditioning unit greatly prevents the water from leakage.

Broken Pump

If the pump is bump is broken, no water will be drawn from the overflow pan. It causes the water to leak from the air conditioning unit.

You can also test the pump by pouring water into the pan, if the drain line is not clogged but water is continuous leak then the pump must be broken.

At this point, you call AC repair professionals that will help you to replace the pump and stop the water leakage.

Understanding the reason behind the improper functioning of the air conditioner system is so much important.

If Your Air Filters Are Dirty

You need to change your air filters on regular basis. If you don’t clean the filter for a long time, the filters get dirty and dirty air is blown inside the unit.

The air around the coils get too cold because of ice forming on the unit and when this ice melts, it causes a water to leak from the system.

You need to clean your filters from every two months. To prevent the leakage, check the filters regularly especially when the unit is in heavy use.

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