6 Things to Consider Before Buying New AC

In this article, you will learn about 5 things to consider before buying a new AC. Air conditioners are one of the best inventions that you can choose for your home. Because of its need and great comforts, AC becomes a part of each and every household of the country.

Today we can see different types of air conditioner ranging from window AC, split AC, commercial AC etc.

Air conditioners have changed a lot in the recent years and some do more than you think. Here are several things to consider before buying a new AC.


The capacity of the AC should be always kept in mind before buying a new air conditioner system. For a smaller room not more than 140 sq.ft.

1 ton AC will generally be a good option and for  140 sq.ft to 180 square ft. room size, you will require a 1.5 ton AC, and for the more larger room, it will require a 2 ton AC.

Energy Efficiency


With the rising prices of electricity, it is important to buy an air conditioning which can provide you the best cooling in summers with least consuming power.

The higher the star rating then it will be more energy efficient and it is also less electricity consume. The 1.2 tones AC is one of the cheapest and highly energy efficient AC.


Warranty is one of the most essential components. You must don’t buy any air conditioner for having no warranty.

Without any doubt, you must search for that AC company that provide at least 1 year of warranty. In which dynamic AC provide the proper warranty of your air conditioning system.

They also provide annual maintenance contract of your air conditioning system.

Air Quality


Your AC should be best in good dehumidification unit to reduce the full humidity in the room.

It provides instant cooling and gives you full body comfort. Having an AC with a good dehumidifier gives you better cooling and more comfort during the monsoon season.

A good filter gives you better cooling and improves the efficiency of AC.

AC Installation and Maintenance

Your performance of AC mostly depends on the installation. It is important to install your AC always from an authorized dealer.

Moreover, your split AC has a compressor unit to the outside of AC whereas your window AC compact unit can be attached to a window.

Mostly AC requires very little maintenance so that you should ask your dealer that how your AC is to be cleaned to give optimum performance.

Air Purifiers

Dirty air filters sometimes grow in damp coming in contact with water condensation. This dampness can easily provide the growth of mold, a fungus linked to serious respiratory issues such as asthma and allergic reactions.

In addition, excessive condensation caused by dirty air filters can also be a cause of moisture-related problems that interfere with the normal working of the air conditioning system.

Because the heated or cooler air can’t be travel out of the furnace. The system turns out to be a great risk of overheating or freezing.

You will pay to be a lot of energy or using the same amount of gas or oil.  But there will be no consistency change in the indoor temperature.

A high MERV filter with a tight mesh may be too much for some units resulting in a situation like clogging air filter. To change your air filter as well as what the MERV rating system and other indoor quality solutions.

Well, this was the end of the article of 6 things to consider before buying a new AC. So, these are the points to consider before buying a new AC.

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