5 Best Ways To Saving Energy When Using An Air Conditioner

In this article, you will learn about the 5 best ways of saving energy when using an air conditioner. Saving energy means to save money. During the hot summer months when air conditioning runs continuously, then you must know the several ways to conserve energy. It can make a bigger difference when it comes time to pay your electricity bills. 

Summertime is too hot and can get a little uncomfortable during the daytime.  Thanks for a comfortable air conditioner. Of Course, at high temperature your air conditioner work super hard during this season. This means your electricity bills rising without you realizing. However, there are some effective and simple tips to reduce your air conditioning bills. It keeps a comfortable indoor environment.

Applying these below tips to keep home cool when the bills coming.


1. Turn off the fan

Give it a little help by boosting the flow of cooled air with a ceiling fan or even a floor van in front of the main vent. While the fan doesn’t make the air any cooler. Turn off the fan when you are not in the room because it is just a waste of electricity.

2. Keeping vents free from any blockage

Another way to help your air conditioner by keeping the vents free from any blockage. Move furniture that may be in the way of optimum air flow and you will be surprised when you see the difference. If you have a chair that simply spots over a register. Then you can use plastic air deflectors from any hardware store.

3. Closing curtains

Close the all curtains and blinds during extreme heat. It helps your air conditioning by putting not so much burden. You can also try to hang shades or blinds as close to the window as much as possible. It helps to block all the outside heat from getting inside. Smart window treatment can reduce the heat by up to 80 percent.

4. Use the timer function

Even in summer, most nights are cool which means that you won’t need to run your air conditioner running overnight and cause heavy electricity bills. You can use a ‘timer’ to run your air conditioner. It helps to run your air conditioner only when you needed most. This will help to save your lot of electricity bills.

5.  Keep your air conditioner clean

Dirty air filter uses a 5-10 percent of energy? There are many appliances in your home. It is much important to keep your air conditioner well maintained and properly clean. Change your AC filters at regular interval helps to take your air filters running very efficiently and saving a lot of money.

Well, this was the end of article 5 best ways of saving energy when using an air conditioner. These above tips will greatly help in saving a lot of electricity bills.

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