How To Proper Clean Outdoor AC Conditioning Unit


In this article, you will get the knowledge of how to clean outdoor AC conditioning unit. If you have neglected a regular check, then there are the chances that your AC will not cool properly.

In the end, dirt and debris block the cooling fins. A dirty blower fan filter and a low coolant level can also reduce the efficiency of your AC conditioner.

Proper cleaning of the air conditioner outdoor unit extends the AC life. It also helps to minimizes the AC maintenance issues. A clean air conditioner cools the air more efficiently and greatly reduce the energy consumption.

Mostly outdoor units are easily accessible and allow the homeowners to perform preventive maintenance. Some steps to clean the outside air conditioning unit are mentioned below:


1. Clean The Condenser

Your primary job is to clean the condenser fins which are basically fine metallic blades that surround the unit. They get dirty because of pulling air in the dust, central fan sucks, etc.

The debris reduces the air conditioning cooling ability and blocks the air flow. Always begin your work by shutting off the electrical power unit. Clean the fins with a soft brush. They are fragile and easily crushed.


2. Restart The Condenser (Outdoor Unit)

In most cases, you simply restore the power of the outside unit and move inside for the further maintenance. Compressors are very delicate and require special start-up procedures.

Here Are The Several Procedures:


-The power of your unit is turned off for more than five hours


-Move the switch from “cool” to “off” at inside of the thermostat


-Turn on the power back and wait for 24 hours. ( The compressor has basically a heating element that warms the internal lubricant.


-Switch off the thermostat back to “cool”


3. Clean The Filters


If your filters don’t need to be replaced from tears, use the vacuum to get eliminate of any dirt and grime. Regularly cleaning of filters is essential to best filtration and for increasing the lifespan of the machine.

The most important task is to see that any sign of wear and tear. If there are greater faults, it is better to replace filters rather than continue to use them which hampers the efficiency of AC.

4. Remove servicing

Remove servicing of air conditioning with water pressure pump and chemical that clearly clean coils and base plate, indoor unit coils service with chemical and air pump. This is too good for air conditioning. It is helpful to maintain air conditioning life and is very effective. Timely service is important for effective air conditioning service.

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