AC Service In Indirapuram / AC Repair In Indirapuram

AC Service In Indirapuram / AC Repair In Indirapuram

Ah, the sweet reliefs of a cool, dry house after a hot, sweaty afternoon of yard work. The use of air conditioners, commonly known as AC, has become almost necessary in the number of homes and houses. In statement there a number of people who just can’t live without AC, they will want AC in their room, car, office, theater and nearly everywhere.

The use of the air conditioners has become so much rampant today. In the past, the air-conditioner was considered to be the piece of luxury, now it has become the symbol of necessity without which one just can’t live in the summer conditions.

According to your needs, by altering the temperature of the air conditioner, you can feel relaxed and comfortable in all seasons. However, air conditioners can also increase the threat of certain health complications, especially when you fail to fresh and preserve them properly.

Important items For Inspection of your AC

A yearly inspection of your air conditioning or heat pump system should include the following 24 important items.

1) Refrigerant charge – It is extremely important that the coolant level of an air conditioning system be tested regularly.

2) Electrical Readings – Test the voltage and amperage of all electrical motors.

3) Lubrication-Lubricate all the moving parts (unless they are permanently sealed).

4) Fan Belts – Test the fan belts.

5) Thermostat – Clean and adjust the thermostat

6) Fan Motors – Test and oil the fan motors.

7) Air Flow – Test the air flow across the indoor cooling coil.

8) Air Filters – Check the air filters.

9) Electrical – Check the electrical wiring and connections.

10) Refrigerant Pressures – Test the operating pressures on refrigerants.

11) Condenser Air Flow – Test the air flow across the outdoor condenser coil.

12) Measure Super-Heat – Test the super-heat.

13) Defrost Control – Test the defrost control (on heat pumps only).

14) Reversing Valve – Test the reversing valve (on heat pumps only).

15) Fan Relay – Test the indoor fan relay.

16) Indoor Coil – Inspect the indoor coil.

17) Contactor – Test the compressor contactor.

18) Measure Sub-Cooling – Test the outdoor sub-cooling.

19) Drain Lines – Inspect the condensate drain.

20) Inspect Condenser Coil – Inspect the outdoor coil.

21) Temperature Exchange – Test the temperature drop across the indoor coil.

22) Capacitors – Test the capacitors

23) Compressor Operation – Test the compressor operation.

24) Crankcase Heaters – Test the crankcase heaters

Above mentioned inspection of your air conditioning can be availed in the various pockets of Indirapuram as follows: Indirapuram Ghaziabad, Gyan Khand, Shakti Khand, Niti Khand, Ahinsa Khand, Nyay Khand, and Vaibhav Khand Indirapuram. You can precisely locate trusted & certified ac service technicians from local areas of Indirapuram.

Get super-fast air conditioning system repair and service to all major brands and types, both residential and commercial air conditioner repair in Indirapuram.

Affordable AMC for air conditioner maintenance, window/split ac installation services is also available here in Indirapuram.For more details contact us.