Why Dynamic AC Provide the Best AMC Plan

In this article, you will learn about why dynamic AC provide the best AMC plan.

Your air conditioning is basically a machine that should be maintained and regularly check for their performance. When a minor fault is not resolved at a time, it causes to be heavy damage.

To overcome this, dynamic AC provides an annual maintenance service for their customers.

It covers both periodic and breakdown service along with repairing of compressor that would be greatly required during this period.

We also offer an AC renting service which also includes proper AC maintenance service.

AMC or an annual maintenance contract provides to basically maintain and proper repair service to their customers.

Under this scheme, customers have a great option to choose various AMC packages.

Terms and Condition Under the AMC Plan

Offer Provided by Authorized Company Service


This contract basically offers to those customers who are residing within the city of the company’s authorized service.

However, customers who are residing outside the municipal limits also choose this contract. In this case, dynamic AC will be undertaken at the service center.

The customers will also bring to set their own experience to the service center. In case, if the service center is entered into the expiry of warranty period.

The contract will be accepted by an only company representative and also verify to be in working condition.

-Free Cost of all Faulty Pares

Dynamic AC provides the proper maintenance of service. Under the annual management plan, you will get faulty spares replaced without any cost.

At an additional cost, you need to do a payment. The company does not provide any free replacement of parts if the damage occurs shifting of materials from one location to another.

Provide to be the Promise of Quality

We have well trained and professional technicians who done all repairing of your air conditioning system. We provide genuine parts and lumbar of AC service. Dynamic AC has an advanced diagnostic system for repairing or solving the AC problems.

Maximize Productivity and Minimizing of Basic Costs


-We have reduces the greater risk associated with driver handling claims.

-We focus to be provided to your business with a take of your vehicles.

-We also reduced administration expense

-We secure to be against the jolt of sudden expenses allowing you to plan any cash flow

Proper Maintenance Service

All maintenance service is to be properly checked.

All lubricant, filters, parts replacement as mentioned to be scheduled AC service.

All labor charges according to servicing and mechanical repairs of an AC problem.

Labor also aggregate the major overhauling of problem like engine, differential, gearbox.

Servicing of the ancillary part also done.

Well this was the end of article of why dynamic AC provide the best AMC plan. Scheduling a regular maintenance can greatly reduce the potential for costly service.

Preventive care can save a lot of money on unanticipated heating and cooling emergencies.

It is impossible to avoid all AC problems so the preventive annual maintenance problems leading to big savings in time and money.

These are the benefits of an HVAC Annual maintenance contract.

Due to standard annual manual contract inspection, there are minimal chances of surprise breakdown of air conditioners. Dynamic AC assure our customers with the hassle-free operations on their air conditioners.

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