Why Changing the Air Filters is Important

In this article, you will learn about why changing the air filters is important. Air filters are the core of your central HVAC system. These simple devices perform a variety of functions such as ventilation and air conditioning systems etc.

Filters must be changed regularly in order to properly fulfill the function. They filter the bits of dust otherwise they should be circulated through the home and affect your home indoor quality.

But if you don’t change your air filter regularly then it put a great risk against you. As the air filter catches more and more natural pollutants -such as dust, mold, fabric fibers etc.

then it causes an clogging of your AC system. Clogged with air filter are the major cause of failure of air conditioning system.

It is best to change your air filter every two to three months especially if you live in the highly polluted area. Air filters are generally affordable.
Changing your air filters is normally a simple procedure that doesn’t require any professional. Check your air conditioner to determine the what size of filter you need

Here are Several Reasons for Replacing Your Air Filters

1. Maintaining HVAC Efficiency

When dust and other substances clogging the surfaces of your air conditioning filters.  The resulting reduction in an air flow also leads to significant decrease in the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

In fact, depending on the situation, failure of the dirty filter can reduce the overall efficiency of the system by as 10 percent.

2. Avoiding the Failure of the System


Airflow reduction also decreases the efficiency of your air conditioning system. HVAC system can also place under the strain can eventually stop working properly or fail. By regularly changing your air filter, you simply avoid this.

3. Avoiding Mold Growth

Dirty air filters sometimes grow in damp coming in contact with water condensation. This dampness can easily provide the growth of mold, a fungus linked to serious respiratory issues such as asthma and allergic reactions.

In addition, excessive condensation caused by dirty air filters can also be a cause of moisture-related problems that interfere with the normal working of the air conditioning system.

4. Maintaining the Indoor Air Quality of the System

Air quality is a major factor to feel comfortable in the indoor environment. Air conditioning filters help to promote the air quality such as dust, pollen, and several other dirty elements.

AC filters have so many dirty pollutants before it loses its protective function. Dirty filters can degrade the quality of air conditioning system rather than support the health of the air conditioning interior.

Risk of Overheating

Because the heated or cooler air can’t be travel out of the furnace. The system turns out to be a great risk of overheating or freezing.

You will pay to be a lot of energy or using the same amount of gas or oil.  But there will be no consistency change in the indoor temperature.

A high MERV filter with a tight mesh may be too much for some units resulting in a situation like clogging air filter. To change your air filter as well as what MERV rating system and other indoor quality solutions.

You must contact a dynamic AC system. We are always happy to meet your goals and provide best indoor air quality.

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