How Does Air Conditioning Works

In this article, you will learn about how does air conditioning works. All air conditioner works on the same principle where heat is removed from one side and it replaces with chill fresh air.

As you can see the example of air conditioning system, the circulating air is drawn over the condenser and it is best to describe as “radiator”.

As instead of water running through the system, it contains to be a refrigerant gas.

During this process, it contains mainly three main stages, an evaporator that contains a subcooled refrigerant and the air which flows through its veins and release the chill fresh air into the room.

Basic Principle of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning works on the basic principle. It actually removes heat and transferring the dry cool air.

It can be determined by simply turning on a spot cooler and then placing on a front of the cold air nozzle and on the other side warm air is exhaust.

You will simply feel the action of transfer of heat.

Basic Operations of Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning is able to cool the whole infrastructure because it simply removes the heat from indoor air and transfers it into the outdoor room. In this system, there would be a chemical refrigerant which absorbs the unwanted heat and expelled outside through a system of piping.

A fan is located in the outside unit and transferring the heat from the refrigerant to the outdoor air.

The whole system in which air conditioners provide the cooling is called to be a refrigerant cycle.

The system has four major component of air conditioning system which is listed below:

1. Compressor

The refrigerant is drawn from to be an evaporator and pumped it to the condenser by the compressor. The compressor pressurizes the whole refrigerant vapor. It will change the state readily.

2. Condenser


In the cooling system of a refrigerant system, heat is simply absorbed by the vapor form. It is followed by the compression of the refrigerant by the compressor.

Its high temperature and high pressure converted the liquid into the condenser. Condenser effectively condensed the compressed refrigerant vapor.

3. Metering Device

Depending on the type of air conditioning system, Efficiency of AC will depend on the type of metering device. The metering device is installed by the manufacturer and is used to define the efficiency of the equipment.

Lower efficiency HVAC has to be fixed type. The higher efficiency system has to fix thermostatic expansion valve.

4. Evaporator


In a cooling system of the refrigeration system, heat is simple to absorb by the evaporator. It is to be followed by the compression of the refrigerant and by a compressor.

Its high-temperature state converted the liquid into the condenser. It is designed basically to condense the compressed refrigerant vapor.

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