AC Repair in Rajouri Garden


The use of air conditioners, popularly known as AC, has become almost compulsory in summers. The extreme heat has clearly negative effect on the human activity in which use of ac will reduce the level of heat.In fact, there are number of people who just can’t live without AC, they will need AC in their room, office, car, theater and almost everywhere

In which our AC repair company in Rajouri garden are well trained and experienced technicians which provide detailed service of all air conditioner like of window air conditioner, portable air conditioner, split air conditioner, etc.

Service which we provide are 

1. Window ac Servicing- We are presenting Window AC Servicing, which is acknowledged in the market for their stress-free implementation and flexibility. These services are handled by professional experts who utilize the best quality material and sophisticated technique.

2.Change your air filter. Air filters need to change every 30 to 90 days, depending on the type of filter you have. It’s a wise idea to get on a regular schedule – note filter changes on your calendar and make a note to check them every month during the summer.

3. split ac servicing- our company is offering split ac servicing.These services are handled by skilled technicians with great experience.In which our services are well reliable and best rate.

4. Ac condenser repair- our primary job here is to clean the condenser fins, which are fine metallic blades that surround the unit. They get dirty because a central fan sucks air through them, pulling in the dust, dead leaves, dead grass etc. In which our professional technicians will correct this problem.

5. air conditioner gas filling- Our qualified AC Technicians in Rajouri garden strive hard to resolve all your AC related problems. So, if your AC is not cooling, Water is leaking from AC, AC needs the gas refill, book your request at the earliest to help us provide you cool summers.


  • Poor air flow– If you are noticing little air flow through your AC vents, the unit’s compressor may be failing. In case your areas or rooms in your home are getting cold air while others are not, then the trouble might be with your duct work and it’s a sign that your AC system needs urgent repair.
  • No cool air-if you are seeing powerless or little air comes through your AC vents, the unit’s compressor might come up short. In the event that your regions or rooms in your house are getting cold air while others are not, at that point the ventilation work and it’s an indication that your AC framework needs critical repair.
  • Strange Sounds: Squealing, grating, grinding sounds from your air conditioner is a sign that you need a replacement unit. These noises signs that something is wrong inside the unit. Failure to service the unit could result in a price breakdown. A squealing noise means that the belt has slipped out of place. A grinding sound may mean that your motor’s bearings are broken.

So these are the points responsible for repairing of the air conditioner. For more information Contact Us.