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In this article, you will learn about AC gas filling in Delhi. Do you need any professional who is expert in this task? Are you frustrated in finding a professional AC gas filling agency?

Then Dynamic Ac is the best solutions. Dynamic AC provides a network of local options that will connect to you when you need for AC gas filling.

These local service providers will arrive on time and they provide a correct service and deliver a  flawless job. Here are some tips provided by Dynamic AC on how to AC gas filling.

Safety Measures for AC Gas Filling

-Require gloves

-Always wear protective eyeglasses

Equipment Required for Gas Filling

  •        Vacuum Pump with 2-4 horsepower
  •        Require AC manifold gauge set
  •        Refrigerant

Types of AC Gases Require For Gas Filling

R410A – This gas is also known as the puron.R410A is basically used in the advanced air conditioners.

In this hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) gas is filled which do not affect the ozone layer. R410A became the new standard for the united states of America.

R22 – It is also known as the Freon. In this hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) gas is filled which greatly affect the depletion of ozone layer.

Nowadays R22 is discontinued to be used for the residential air conditioners because it put a harmful effect on the atmosphere.

Procedure For AC Gas Filling

Gas filling is such an easy task if we have efficient tools and safety precautions. First, on the air conditioner locate on the low side or the suction side and the discharge line which is on the high side.

These tools are located on the behind the window air conditioner and in a split air conditioner located in the outdoor unit. The suction side is located above the discharge line.

While the discharge line is very harm to the touch. The suction line is basically used for the recharging gas into the air conditioner.

-Unscrew the bolt of the suction line as shown in the below line. Loose the screw inside with the help of  torx key.In this screw acts as a valve,it won’t let your refrigerant flow in or out till when it is closed.

Thus loosening this screw is an important part in the gas filling.

-Remove the bolt on the left and connect with the blur hose of the AC manifold gauge to the port. Connect the yellow hose to the vacuum pump.

Professional repair all the air from the port. This step is important to remove all the moisture from the system.

-You make sure all the valves of the AC manifold gauges are getting closed. Then you open the cylinder knob for 2,3 second to close it.

This will remove all the gases from inside the pipes. Then again tightening the yellow hose.

This is the procedure for gas filling in the AC. Dynamic AC has an expert team for gas charging work.

Dynamic AC fills or charges all types of gas filling such as portable air-conditioning, floor ceiling air-conditioning, slim air-conditioning, duct-able air-conditioning etc.

Our team of dynamic AC test two times before charging the gas with nitrogen pressure. We provide the proper warranty system and give the best result.

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