5 Most Important Safety Guidelines For New Technicians

In this article, you will learn about the 5 most important safety guidelines for the new technicians. Working as an HVAC technician must be a great choice.

Because this profession will contain a lot of risks. Therefore it is important to follow certain guidelines as a new technician.  Here are some important safety guidelines for new technicians.

5 Most Important Safety Guidelines for New Technicians

Use a Protective Gear

Anytime you would be getting exposed to several chemicals like dust, gases and other debris that is very harmful to breathing.

They must be taking a full eye protection like wear goggles or face shield to keep eyes safe from contact with liquids or flying particles.

They should also be wear protectors while handling anything that could lacerate such as sheet metal and glass.

Slip-resistant shoes should be ensured to maintain steady footing which is helpful to the deal with potential leaks and slippery floors.

If you work in the noisy environment then you should be wearing earplugs in a loud environment for an extended period of time.

Tools for Getting Safe

As a professional AC technician, You should use HVAC tools for a specific job.  Before starting out the job, you need to be acquired a variety of tools like clamp meter, vacuum gauge, wrenches etc.

There would of a lot of possibility of a chance of ever-present threat of gas or radiation gas leaks for which leak detector is important.

You should keep everything in a working condition for which routine maintenance is important for a safe stay in the job.

Identify the Possible Hazards

Before jumping right into the task. It is difficult to take the time to make a proper assessment.

When you are new in this profession, you should identify all possible hazards that may occur on the job site. You should follow proper safety precautions.

It is better to take a time more for getting the job done right.

New technicians also take electrical safety technicians which including proper rescue procedures.

Chemical Safety

On a daily basis, you daily encounter a lot of chemicals that can pose a serious threat to your health.

There are certain combustible chemicals which are getting explode and can cause be a major cause of injury.

You should also wear protective gloves while handling chemicals because it may be a cause of skin burns.

Follow proper procedures while transporting and storing the chemicals. In some cases, new technicians will be lack of knowledge on certain chemicals.

There would be extra precaution is also required during the learning curve. If you would be unsure about a particular substance then you should take help from the expert.

Avoiding Shock Issue


Before dealing with certain electrical equipment that you may not be familiarised. Then taking proper preventive measure steps which are helping of protecting the risk of shock or electrocution.

The problem is serious when there is water leak within an HVAC system. When water leaks from the system, it is the best way to stay safe and turn off the main circuit beforehand.

This step not only eliminate the risk of electric shock but it should also prevent any expensive equipment from being damaged.

Well, this was the end of the article of the 5 most important safety guidelines for new technicians.

Therefore to ensure a long lasting carrier and prevent any unnecessary hazards, you should be following this basic guideline and keep safe regardless of the job.

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